Last update : 28/09/2019 


Association Clepsydre

KEDGE Business School

Rue Antoine Bourdelle

13009 Marseille



The Clepsydre association logo exists in three different main versions: 

  • The general Clepsydre logo as well as for our conferences and round tables:

  • The Clepsydre logo for the speech contest:

  • The Clepsydre logo for journalistic activity:


Clepsydre's graphic design uses four colours predominantly. Below are the colour codes:


  • White: #FFFFFF

  • Royal blue: #1A2D3D

  • Turquoise blue: #00B3DE

  • Coral red: #F26649



The graphic design uses one font for all its creations. The font included in the logo may be used to complement the designs, but this is not recommended. 

  • Main font: Qanelas

  • Font used for the logo: De Valencia

Our objective :

Clepsydre is the student forum of KEDGE Business School® Marseille that aims to give voice to citizens, whether professionals, students or others. Clepsydre does this through an event and journalism that includes conferences, round tables, speech contests, team building activities articles, videos, radio programs and more. 

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Address : 

KEDGE Business School

Rue Antoine Bourdelle 

13009 Marseille